Expose Video

What Is An Expose Video

There’s no doubt video is the most effective way to get your message out online.

Expose Videos are highly polished expert interviews that display your brand and your expertise in a professional way that make the viewer trust you and pick up the phone to call.

Watch an example bellow produced with a cosmetic dentist.

What Is The Production Process?

Step 1 – Production Day

You will meet via virtual online meeting with one of our producers. At this time, we will have written a script outline for you. We’ll go through the interview script outline and you will be able to edit it to suite you well.

Then we will rehearse the interview a few times, if necessary, and then go directly to the recording. We can repeat the interview until we are both happy with the result. Then we ship the media off to our editing crew for post production.

Time may vary but typically an Expose video takes us 30 to 45 minutes to record.

Step 2 – Technical Sign Off

Once our editing team completes the Expose Video we get together one more time to view the final product together. This is your opportunity to identify any technical mistakes or errors that need to be remedied. Once we get the Technical Sign Off approval from you, we SEO optimize your expose video and go ahead with our video syndication process to distribute the video across the internet to promote your business.

How we help you get the most from your Expose Video?

Our Proprietary Video Marketing Process Consists of:

  • Optimization for Business Generating Keywords
  • Transcription for Youtube & Search Engines
  • Syndication to Video Sharing Sites
  • Marketing on Social Media & Web 2.0 Sites

Schedule a Pre-Production Call

Contact us to schedule a Pre-Production call. The Expose video we will produce for you under our Beta program will help you attract more new customers and clients to your business.