Review Commercials

What Is A Review Commercial?

We take one of your 5-star reviews from Google, Yelp or other online directory or even a testimonial from one of your customers and use it to produce a 60 second commercial with a professional spokesperson in a Hollywood-style studio to position your business as a market leader.

Watch an example of a review commercial produced for a Tiffany jewelry store:

How we help you get the most from your Review Commercial?

Our Proprietary Video Marketing Process Consists of:

  • Optimization for Business Generating Keywords
  • Transcription for Youtube & Search Engines
  • Syndication to Video Sharing Sites
  • Marketing on Social Media & Web 2.0 Sites

Beta Program

Just now, before we go public with the Review Commercial, we run a Beta Program. And as part of the program we are underwriting all the costs of producing the commercial. If you want to participate in the Beta Program, schedule a Pre-Production Call bellow.

Schedule a Pre-Production Call

Contact us to schedule a Pre-Production call. The Review Branding Commercial we will produce for you under our Beta program will help your online reputation rating and will attract more new customers and clients to your business.