Video Marketing

Video is a powerful medium that allows you to make a human connection and tell your company story in a format that is easily accessible to your audience and tells your customers who you are and how you can help them.

It is an undeniable fact that people of all ages like to watch videos, both online and offline – videos are entertaining and get a point across in a short period of time. They eliminate the need for reading and most people find videos to be a more exciting and intriguing way to learn specific information. All of these factors make video marketing an excellent and efficient way to reach your potential customers.

Videos For Local Businesses

After 40 years of filming for large corporations like Microsoft, Novartis and Oracle, for broadcasters like Discovery and National Geographic, our Video Division team is now offering video services to local companies as well, helping to level the playing field between corporate giants and smaller businesses. What was once only accessible to huge companies with big budgets, is now available across the board.

Oxaco Local is producing innovative marketing videos based on proprietary marketing strategies designed to develop branding awareness, boost reputation and bring more new customers to local businesses.